I auditioned the speakers with a Luxman class A L-590AXII, and they didn't sound nearly as good as it sounds here at home. The depth, layering, and über wide soundstage wasn't there with the luxman, neither the sharp centred voice. We'll see if the Aegir can make this whole thing any better. I put it this way.
The L-590AX Mark II did the magic and completely erased the loudspeakers from my listening room so that with my eyes closed I was not able to identify their positions. Instead, I could identify the musicians within the three-dimensional soundstage and that was why (with the lights still dimmed) the listening turned out to be a be-there experience.

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Luxman L-580 pricing information. on Audiogon, the High-end Audio Community
A pre-amplifier circuit-integrated computerized attenuator, new LECUA* 1000, equivalent to that used in the higher grade L-590AXII model is mounted in the volume adjustment unit, playing a critical role in the pre amplifier section.The renovation was made to the buffer circuit input stage to allow smooth volume adjustment in 88 steps thereby ...

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Luxman L-590AXII review in Fidelity. Garmt van der Zel 10/05/2017 Nieuws. Luxman L-590AXII review in Fidelity – Eén van de mooiste geïntegreerde versterkers die ...
Ampli Luxman L-590AXII - Chất Âm Thuần Khiết, Mộc Mạc, Giàu Tính Tự Nhiên Và Sự Quyến Rũ Trang bị quan trọng nhất của ... 2031 anos atrás. Welcome to Pursuit Perfect System Video Review for the Sensational new Luxman Integrated Amplifier the L-509X. This is a ...

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L-550AXII (Mk2) – Integrated Class A Amplifier – 20w @ 8 Ohms (40w @ 4 Ohms) - £4,999 L-590AXII (Mk2) – Flagship Integrated Class A Amplifier – 30w @ 8 Ohms (60w @ 4 Ohms) - £6,999. For further information on other products in their range, please call. Luxman website
Perhaps the bigger agony is not choosing between the L-509x and separates, but between the L-590aXII Class A amplifier and the L-509x. The former has more sheer dynamic drive, yet the class A amplifier slightly sweeter and possessing a touch more inner detail – a hallmark of the class A design.

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May 03, 2018 · The L-509X's casework is made from steel and aluminum. The 6mm-thick aluminum top plate alone is gorgeous, and is machined with rows of square and rectangular openings—with a lovely honeycombed grille at the bottom of each—for generous venting. The L-509X's output section features Luxman's Only Distortion Negative Feedback (ODNF) system.
Operation of the Luxman integrated throughout the review period proved flawless. One note of caution—with a specified idle AC draw of 86 watts, it is reasonable to assume that the L-507uXII is biased relatively richly into Class A operation, and indeed, while the amplifier never ran hot, it did get quite warm under normal operating conditions ...

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L-590AX Mark II,顧名思義就是L-590AX的第二代,上文提到,日本音響品牌傾向改良多於躍進,而Luxman這款新產品,其實處於兩者之間。整個設計概念是第一代L-590AX、旗艦前級C-900u、次旗艦後級M-700u的結合。

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Mar 13, 2017 · For Trade Luxman L-590AXII for Marantz receiver or AV processor + amplifier. Posted By johnny1977 In Archived Classifieds ... Reviews. Before We Vanish Blu-ray Review;

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Luxman L-550A II Founded in 1925, Luxman is one of the most respected of all Japanese audio manufacturers and was a name to be reckoned with in the seventies and eighties owing to a series of very highly regarded tube amplifiers, still much in demand on the used market.

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